The workshop is based on Teamscope talent data. Specifically on team and team member competencies, personality, and values. Using these data in a structured way you will discover the unique strengths of your team as a whole as well as for every team member separately.

The Teamscope platform combines big data analytics with decision science and is based on scientifically valid theories and methods. You can read more about the science behind Teamscope here.

The workshops can be conducted in-person or virtually. The workshop guidelines are in a logical sequence of sessions which can be grouped into successive meetings according to the time you can allocate for this process. We recommend carrying out these sessions in close proximity. Preferably during a few days, but no longer than a few weeks.

After completing the workshop, we recommend to re-visit the talent data and workshop outcomes on a monthly basis to monitor progress and plan additional actions if appropriate.

Workshop goals

  1. Increased self-awareness of the team members’ competencies, personality, and values; a clear understanding of the team’s strengths and potential weaknesses.

  2. Specific knowledge about the unique contribution each team member brings to the team

  3. Specific action plan for team development

Should any questions arise, use the chat functionality on the right-hand side or email us at support@teamscope.io.

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