Together with the team, open the Teamscope team profile and scroll to the team Values section. The Values Map includes all personal values used in Teamscope.

Clicking on a particular value (Loyalty, Nature, Capital, etc) open a longer description of that value if it remains unclear.


All team members choose values that they feel are important in achieving the previously set team goals and values that could prove detrimental in achieving them.

The facilitator collects the data and produces a list of values that could help and harm in achieving team goals.

Next, mark the values where you feel that you do not “live your values” as a team and add them to the profile summary page and values where you feel that you need a clear agreement between team members and add them to the profile summary page.


  1. Are the team everyday behaviours in line with the core values of the team and its members?

  2. Have different perspectives in these values caused conflict or misalignment in the past?

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