Teamscope is a science-backed talent analytics platform for building winning leadership teams. It dramatically improves the hiring success rate and overall team performance.

The team behind Teamscope includes executive search professionals with decades of experience along with data scientists and coaches. It's built upon scientifically proven behavioural theories and instruments.

For information on the science behind the platform, read Our Science.

Main use cases:

  • Hiring
    Understand how each candidate would complement the team and help leaders make objective, data-driven hiring decisions.

  • New hire onboarding
    Guide new hires in developing good working relationships with all team members quickly and effectively.

  • Team development
    Help teams leverage each individual's unique strengths to shape a culture where everyone can perform at their peak.

  • Succession planning
    Identify potential gaps in the talent pool and build a succession plan to future-proof your organization.

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