When executive search companies pitch their services, the same story is told – years of experience in the business, working with several companies in the same field (i.e. the competitors of the potential clients), well-defined search process, being responsible and knowledgeable, etc.

With Teamscope, executive search companies can stand out from the competition and showcase a leading talent analytics platform in action already during the pitch meeting.

Explain how talent data is collected and used, how the hiring process looks like and how the shortlist evaluation along with candidate comparison works:

When you do this - even briefly or superficially - you will get the client intrigued and in many instances, this can trigger their decision to commission you for the assignment.

Several of our clients have mentioned this:

“The headhunter was very professional and pro-active. He added value already during our first meeting, even before we had commissioned them to do the work for us.”

“The innovative and structured approach at our very first meeting was impressive.”

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