Every hire with Teamscope starts with the existing team going through the Teamscope evaluation to better understand the team that the new hire is expected to join. The data gathered during this first step will be used through-out the hiring process

To help get buy-in from the stakeholders for this step, explain to them that:

  • The Teamscope platform is used throughout the search process - analysing the vacancy, evaluating the candidates, making the final decision, and new hire onboarding. The platform brings a much-needed structure to the hiring process and enables better hiring decisions.

  • Team data helps select the best candidate who will bring deep-level diversity to the team (i.e. who is different in behavioural patterns and competencies) and fits well with the team culture - i.e. who is well-aligned with the core values of the team.

  • Team data will give additional input for analyzing the vacancy - as some of the competencies we are looking for in candidates come from the lack of these in the team.

  • Taking the Teamscope questionnaires only takes ~20 minutes and the result gives the team leader and -members useful and immediately actionable insights about their team. These data will be used to onboard the selected candidate and can also be used to improve team performance.

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