Open the hiring dashboard for the position you're going to invite shortlisted candidates and click “Invite” under the "Shortlist" section.

The shortlisted candidates will receive an email invite from Teamscope - they will have to go through the same evaluation as all team members.

WE suggest that you send a separate email explaining what Teamscope is and why and how it's used:


I have sent you an invitation to join Teamscope as a candidate. Teamscope is an
innovative talent analytics platform designed to help companies build high-
performing teams and hire the best people.

The platform uses three short surveys on personality, competencies, and values.
In total, it will take ~20 minutes. You will have accesss to the analysed data

If you have any questions or you have not received the invitation email, please
let me know.

After the candidate has completed the questionnaires, you can add comments and a candidate summary to their profiles.

For example, you might want to summarize the reasons why you recommend this candidate, their motivation, current compensation package, expected offer, etc.

To add a summary, go to the hiring dashboard and click on a candidates name. That will open their Teamscope profile. Scroll down to the summary section to add your summary:

You can print a PDF file of candidates' profile by going to their profile page and clicking on "Print PDF." This file can then be added together with the CV to a candidate tracking system.

Printed candidate profile PDFs are a great addition to the preparation work done before interviews -> Example candidate profile PDF

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