No selection process is complete without proper onboarding. When hiring goes wrong and the hired candidate leaves the job early (within 12 months) it is often due to insufficient onboarding.

Onboarding is much more than introducing company policies and Teamscope can help using the collected team and talent data.

When the final decision is made, move the candidate to the onboarding section of the hiring flow and start the process by clicking on their profile and choosing "Start onboarding":

The candidate will be automatically added to the team and an automatic e-mail is sent to the candidate and to the hiring manager. Additionally, the candidate gains access to team data to learn more about their future colleagues and the team they will be working in.

Encourage your client to plan an onboarding workshop together with the team during the first working week.

We recommend to review the team profile together with the candidate:

And to define a clear onboarding and learning plan:

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