To start the process, log in to the Teamscope platform, select “New organisation,” and add the name of the Client organization:

Next, create the needed team(s) under that organisation. To create a team in Teamscope, there has to be at least one member in it. For that, send an invite to the hiring manager to join the platform.

If you haven't done it yet, explain to the hiring manager and/or HR partner why Teamscope is used and how it's useful. You can use the bullet points from above for that purpose.

Once they have joined the platform, choose "New team" to create the team and add the hiring manager:

Once the hiring manager has completed their Teamscope profile, invite all other team members to the platform. They will have to go through the same questionnaires:

As team members can be hesitant to fill in their profiles for something that they do not understand or see the usefulness of, it's beneficial to have a short email at the ready that explains what Teamscope is, how it's used, and why and how it's useful.

An example email that we have used:

Dear XXX

[TEAM NAME] has started searching for [POSITION NAME].

To help us make better hiring decisions, we are using Teamscope - an innovative
talent analytics platform designed to help companies build high-performing teams and
hire better candidates.

You will shortly receive an invitation from Teamscope to join the platform. Please
complete the questionnaires (takes ~20 minutes) by [A RELATIVELY SHORT TIME PERIOD].
If you haven’t received an invitation by the end of today or have any other questions
about the platform, please contact our search partner [SEARCH PARTNER NAME] at

To learn more about Teamscope, check out their homepage -,
or watch a quick 3-minute overview video ->

What if the team shouldn't be aware of the search?

In this case, just add the team leader/hiring manager to the team and proceed only with her/his data.

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