After completing all candidate interviews and evaluations using the included scorecard, make sure that you move all candidates to the comparison section in the hiring dashboard.

Once that is done, click on "Compare candidates" in the upper right hand corner of the Comparison section:

The comparison table shows each candidate score for each hiring criteria group (Basic requirements, Differentiating competencies, Team fit) and a total average score for the candidate.

You can see comments and individual scores that each assessor has given to a concrete candidate. Ideally, the highest-rated candidate should be hired.

It's reasonable and recommended to discuss the assessment where the opinions/evaluations of different assessors are polarizing.

For example, a score between good and excellent is not worth discussing for a concrete criterion, but a score of good and insufficient might be worth discussing. You can see different evaluations by different assessors when clicking on the assessment result in the comparison table.

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