The Hiring Dashboard brings transparency to even the most complex hiring process. All stakeholders get a clear overview of shortlists, Candidate Profiles, and candidate evaluations based on the job-specific requirements with a range of hiring decision tools.

Get to know your candidates with Candidate Profiles and Interview Guides

Teamscope allows you to invite candidates to complete their profiles during the hiring process. After finishing the surveys, candidate-specific interview questions are added to the Candidate Profile to help get to know candidates more quickly.

You can access the interview questions while browsing through the Candidate Profile or by printing the complete Interview Guide.

Invite stakeholders

To invite stakeholders to take part in the evaluation and see the Candidate Profile and Interview Guide, click on the blue "+" button on the upper right-hand side:

Evaluate and compare candidate competencies

Based on your set requirements, you and as many stakeholders you'd like can compare candidate competencies against the specified criteria as soon as invited candidates complete their Personal Profiles.

Objective and collaborative evaluation with Candidate Scorecards

Invite stakeholders to evaluate candidates and compare results in the Candidate Scorecard view. These results are only visible after completing the candidate evaluation process to eliminate the potential for bias.

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