1. Easily switch between organisations

Switching between organisations has moved to the right-hand corner of the top main navigation menu. 👇

2. Manage member access rights

In response to feedback from our users, we added a new Members view under Organisation settings. Here you will get an overview of all member roles and access rights and make changes or add new members if needed. 👇

The same can be accessed from the main dashboard by clicking on View all under Organisation members. 👇

3. View account usage and limits (admins only)

Account owners can now access their account usage info and the number of seats taken on their plan without leaving the Teamscope app. This information can be found under Account settings > Billing. 👇

To increase the number of seats on your plan or learn more about these changes, you can reach out to our team via chat or send an email to support@teamscope.io.

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