The new interview and evaluation module is designed to make the candidate interviewing and evaluation an easy and intuitive process.

The experience is augmented by candidate-specific Teamscope talent data and interview questions and is made up of three sections:

  1. Guidance

  2. Interview & Evaluate

  3. Summary

Taken together, the new module includes everything needed to make bias-free hiring decisions. From how to structure an interview, questions to ask during the interview, a place for comments and evaluations, and a summary that binds it all together.

Accessing the new module

The interview and evaluation module can be accessed from the Hiring Dashboard under "Interview & Evaluate" column.

To open the module, click on the "Interview & Evaluate" button:

1. Guidance

The first section, Guidance, includes general recommendations key principles to follow when running an effective interview using Teamscope.

2. Interview & Evaluate

The Interview & Evaluate section is built upon the Position mapping tools and uses the same logic of position requirements, differentiating competencies, and team fit (trait diversity, values alignment).

Each sub-section is evaluated and commented on separately. Most sub-sections include candidate-specific interview questions and topics that should be investigated more closely.

Example competency evaluation section:

Example values alignment section:

3. Summary

The summary section gives an overview of the evaluation results by showing scores and comments provided by all stakeholders.

The results are displayed by familiar categories of position requirements, differentiating competencies, and team fit.

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